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  Link      Brent Stirton
  Link      Brutus Ostling
  Link      Mitsuaki Iwago
Mitsuaki Iwago's work on global warming is a witness to great issues of concern.
  Link      Jonathan & Angie Scott
These Ambassadors living in Kenya are a joy to witness in both imagery and conservation efforts.
  Link      Marius Coetzee
  Link      Michael Nichols
  Link      National Geographic
  Link      Shem Compion
Shem Compion is a mate who has provided great inspiration and support. I look forward to seeing him in the field!
  Link      Steve Davey
Legendary Steve Davey is a man of my own heart! Day by Day I'm on my way!
  Link      Steve McCurry
Steve McCurry has covered many areas of international and civil conflict, not only showing what war impresses on the landscape, but rather on the human face. Mankind must put a end to war or war will put a end to Mankind John.F.Kennedy
  Link      Thorsten Milse
  Link      World Wide Fund