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Having the pleasure of growing up surrounded by the beauty of South Africa including the Highveld and the Western Cape. The excitement for adventure began to develop from an early age. South Africa's diverse culture, unique wildlife and landscape was of natural interest. Soon after leaving school the opportunity to broaden that knowledge overseas and into the unknown was made. In 1997 with a backpack, a couple of quid and a Pentax 38mm-140mm film camera a whole new life began and the passion for traveling, nature and Photography was born.

Increasing his knowledge and skill through trial, trail and error, Craig attended workshops, studied various Photography literature and the natural progression was to purchase his first SLR Canon camera. Following 10 years of living abroad and extensive traveling, Photography has taken him around the world and back to the land of gold to promote his work both locally and internationally for worldwide enjoyment.

Craig Heath is currently based in Johannesburg and beyond shooting various genres however his love for travel, landscape, culture and wildlife is evident throughout his work using the Canon system with various L-series lenses.

" I never knew what I wanted in Life, but I knew what I didn't"